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PrimeLink C9070 / C9065 Printer

This page includes Fuji Xerox product(s), licensed from Xerox Corporation.
The distributor of the product(s) is FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.


Quick facts

     Up to 70 ppm colour and 75 ppm black-and-white

Single-pass scanner
     Up to 270 images per minute (ipm)

Printing resolution
     2400 x 2400 dpi

     FUJIFILM Business Innovation Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Toner with ultra-low melt technology

Media weights
     Up to 350 gsm and up to 256 gsm* for auto duplexing

Media sizes
     Up to 330 x 660 mm

     * For 221 to 256 gsm, print results are not fully assured.



Your teams require the flexibility and productive workflow of a multifunction device.
Your graphics, creative and production teams want a higher level of quality and finishing.
However, purchasing machines to satisfy each requirement may become costly and space consuming.
PrimeLink C9070 Printer can be your "all-in-one" solution that flexibly meets the demands of professionals while offering a multitude of functions for the efficiency and versatility of your office work environment.

Versatility that satisfies diverse needs, from professional to office work


PrimeLink C9070 Printer will assist your professional requirements with a variety of features that support creativity and innovation of your professional work. While offering functions such as density uniformity / alignment adjustments and colour calibration, its variety of finishing options and efficiency boosting workflows will keep jobs moving with less wasted time and materials.
To cater your office work needs, this versatile printer also allows you to print, copy and scan - including automatic sending of scanned data to your PC or sending by e-mail or printing from USB.
It can even print from virtually any smart phone or tablet. That's how the PrimeLink C9070 Printer will boost any team's efficiency.


  • Productive print speed - prints up to 70 ppm in colour and up to 75 ppm in black-and-white. And with easy set-up and automated workflows, you can handle quick turnarounds in style.
  • Media versatility - both coated and uncoated stocks up to 350 gsm.
    Supporting a variety of paper sizes including postcards and banners.
  • Wider finishing capabilities - A variety of inline finishing options offer a professional polish to presentation materials, brochures, reports and documents that need an extra appeal. Finishers include numerous functions like stapling, punching, folding, creasing, full bleed trimming and booklet making.
  • Workflow innovation - integration with FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection and partner solutions that deliver workflow productivity, innovation and automation, as well as variable data solutions designed to meet customer demand for personalisation and business growth.

Features that expands the creativity and efficiency of professional production

For professionals


PrimeLink C9070 Printer comes standard with a print server, which is ideal for professional and quick-print environments as well as corporate offices in which speed and ease-of-use are needed to boost productivity and efficiency.


You can print on larger media with PrimeLink C9070 Printer, which is capable of handling paper sizes up to 660 mm in length.


As the number of incoming jobs grow from a handful to dozens or even hundreds a day and as they come in more shapes and sizes, you just cannot afford to have manual labour handling each job. PrimeLink C9070 Printer offers a wider variety of finishing options to provide automation that keeps you productive whilst saving time and reducing costly errors.

Latest office supporting technologies to accelerate your business activities

For office work

Portable UI for Business*1

Your smartphone (iOS and AndroidTM) can be used as a portable UI panel. Simply set a job on your smartphone and touch the NFC (near field communication) reader*2 of the multifunction device to perform basic operations such as copy and scan(Store to Folder or E-mail).
Portable UI for Business enables up to 30 frequently used sets of settings to be registered as favorites. These settings can be recalled with a single touch. The destination for saving scanned data can also be registered for added convenience.

Portable UI for Business

     *1: A wireless environment with an access point is required.
     *2: IC Card Reader is required.

Print Utility

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Print Utility enables users to print directly from iOS or AndroidTM devices, putting mobile printing and scanning convenience at your fingertips. Print stored photo albums, web pages or shoot and print on the go from your iOS or AndroidTM device. Simply wave your NFC enabled mobile device on the multifunction device to automatically launch Print Utility and you are ready to print or scan.

Wi-Fi Direct®

Even when the internal intranet environment cannot be used by the mobile device of a visitor or the personal mobile device of an employee, these devices can connect to the multifunction device via a wireless kit* to output documents. In addition to printing and scanning with Print Utility, AirPrint, Google Cloud PrintTM, and Mopria® are also supported.

Google Cloud Print(TM) / AirPrint / Mopria(R) logo
     * Optional.

Simple scanning for workflows*

Convert scanned documents automatically to a pre-specified file format and destination. Once a file format and destination is registered, select the workflow button and scan the document. Add a file name by adding a document type and date to a user-defined string set on a PC, great for routine work. Efficiency in managing and utilising contracts and bills, etc. is dramatically increased.
     * Optional.

Server-less on-demand printing*

If the multifunction device that you set as the output destination is being used, you can redirect your print job to another multifunction device - saving you time, especially when you are in a hurry. Check the status of your print job on the UI panel before printing using the preview displays, or change settings such as the number of copies, colour mode and one-sided/two-sided output, all from the UI panel. This improves document security and reduces waste from unnecessary printing.
     * Optional.


Vibrant colour and incredible detail

With our 2400 x 2400 dpi printing resolution, images are rich with crisp text so your output will always impress.

Excellent image quality

Our EA Low Melt Toner technology is chemically grown, so the small, consistent particles produce impeccable quality with smooth transitions and an offset-like finish.


Edge enhancement

Jaggedness, which tends to occur with mid-tone texts and lines, is suppressed by screen processing on contours, reproducing crisp text and lines.

Adjust Invert Text/Line Weight

PrimeLink C9070 Printer mitigates crushing of white texts and fattening of black texts when the texts are small. Several levels of toner amount are available for selection for applying to the contour, so that you can set a desirable balance for improved text readability.

Adjust Invert Text/Line Weight


Various screens can be chosen according to the objects your use, such as texts and photos.

TRUE Adobe® PostScript® 3TM CERTIFICATION AND THE LATEST Adobe® PDF Print Engine*

These features plus blazing speeds means your creativity is never restricted.

Adobe(R) PostScript(R) 3(TM) / Adobe(R) PDF Print Engine logo
     * Adobe® PDF Print Engine is optional.


Advanced SIQA can save you from the hassle of adjusting alignment, density uniformity, tonal reproduction curve or transfer voltage. By simply scanning the printed charts, advanced SIQA will optimise the adjustment values. With advanced SIQA, operators no longer have to go through the time-consuming and iterative procedure of having to print, measure and manually adjust individual settings. PrimeLink C9070 Printer reduces waste and a considerable amount of operator intervention while consistently meeting image quality expectations.
     * Simple Image Quality Adjustment.

GX-i Print Server for the PrimeLink C9070 Printer

Superb speed and image quality

Featuring a simple user interface, versatile media handling and automated RGB colour correction, this GX-i Print Server employs the developed architecture by FUJIFILM Business Innovation to reduce RIP load and a RIP Accelerator Board to maintain image quality through high-speed, lossless compression.

Simple user interface


Feeding options

1. HCF B1
Adds 2000 sheets of A4 (up to 220 gsm).

2. High Capacity Feeder B1-S
Adds 2000 sheets in sizes of up to 330 x 488 mm (up to 350 gsm).
Storage cabinet included.
- Air Assist
- Multifeed Detection

3. High Capacity Feeder C1-DS
Adds 4000 sheets in sizes of up to 330 x 488 mm (up to 350 gsm).
- Air Assist
- Multifeed Detection

     Note: Long paper is fed from the Bypass Tray (standard). When High Capacity Feeder B1-S or High Capacity Feeder C1-DS is connected, Bypass Tray is detached from the printer and attached to the connected High Capacity Feeder.


Finishing options

1. C3 Finisher, or C3 Finisher with Booklet Maker*1
- Sort/Stack
- Staple
- Punch*5
- Saddle Staple/Single Fold*6
- Z-Fold/Tri-Fold*6

2. Inserter D1*2
- Cover/Sheet Insertion

3. Crease/Two-sided Trimmer D2*2
- Two-Sided Trim
- Crease

4. Finisher D6, Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker, or Finisher D6 Plus*3
- Sort/Stack
- Staple
- Punch*5
- Saddle Staple/Single Fold*6
- Z-Fold/Tri-Fold*6

5. SquareFold Trimmer D1*4
- Face Trim
- Square Fold

     Note: Offset Catch Tray and Simple Catch Tray are provided for cases that do not require finishing. For third party vendor finishers, please contact your local FUJIFILM Business Innovation representative.
     *1: Transport Unit V1 is required.
     *2: Finisher D6, Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker or Finisher D6 Plus is required.
     *3: Interface Decurler Module D1 is required.
     *4: Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker is required.
     *5: Optional.
     *6: For C3 Finisher with Booklet Maker or Finisher D6 with Booklet Maker.


Finishing Applications
     Note: Full bleed trim is made by two-sided trim and face trim.

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