Secure Mobile Working

How do you prepare for the rising number of external and internal threats that face telecommuting teams?

Secure mobile working

Employees expect easy access to corporate networks wherever they are. Be it at home, on the go or at their local cafe, the advent of flexible working has introduced new expectations for small and medium businesses as well as enterprises.

However, malicious actors are rushing to target unsecured devices, while internal data leaks are also rising in frequency.

Our Secure Mobile Working resources explore how you can balance the drive for productivity in mobile working, while keeping your employees and data safe with up to date practices and solutions.

What are the hazards of mobile working?

Learn more about the multifaceted risks in our infographic, as well as the methods to mitigate them

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Remote Working Best Practices

Penalties for information leaks and high profile cases of data breaches are worrying your clients. They are taking a closer look at their own security and data privacy - especially at how their vendors handle sensitive project information. Can you convince your clients that your company is taking all the right security measures? Are your employees following best practices and a solid security policy?

By taking concrete steps to improve your data security, you’re in a better position to win that next big project by showing you’re serious about your clients’ information security.


Secure Mobile Working Solutions

The first line of IT defence is a well-prepared workforce. But a mobile workforce must be complemented by the right security solutions, solutions that ensures confidential data is kept protected, while improving flexibility and accessibility.

While we rush to embrace mobile working, malicious actors are rushing to exploit it too

Hackers are already aggressively targeting vulnerable mobile devices, and attacks on IT systems from compromised mobile devices are escalating.

Is your company vulnerable to this new vector of attack? Which cybersecurity systems are keeping pace with the new working normal? Read our Slideshare

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Employees enjoy the flexibility that working from home provides. Businesses also benefit from the increase in productivity of effective telecommuting. But this doesn't mean we can ignore the hazards to data security.

Let's have a chat about how we can keep your remote working teams secure, and your data protected from internal and external cyber security threats.

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