Making Digital Transformation More Accessible to Business

At FUJIFILM Business Innovation, we work closely with businesses to help them adapt, adopt and evolve.


Turning Disruption to Advantage

As lockdowns are relaxed around the world and people return to their workplaces, the next challenge will be adapting open office spaces to the new normal of strict physical distancing and the requirement to work in the office and remotely on alternate days. The shift to remote working reveals the gaps in IT infrastructure, workforce planning and even digital upskilling. Staggered shifts, enforced flexitime, and 24/7 operations may become the norm, along with working remotely.

We work with businesses to address the "new normal" workplace needs and help them to reanalyse, redefine, restructure and renew key business functions to create agile and resilient organisations in this digital economy.


Introducing Go Transform With FX

Go Transform is a FUJIFILM Business Innovation Solution initiative to help businesses making the shift and realize digital transformation in workplace - SMBs to Enterprise - through:

blue tick Adopting relevant technologies to make working everywhere anytime possible,

blue tick Adapting the new workplace environment, and

blue tick Evolving in digital technology workplace adoption for a digitally connected workplace.


Enterprise-Class Technology Infrastructure & Solutions

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End-to-end Solutions

A unique combination of business know-how and technology covering enterprise operations while providing one-stop solution in key line of business.

Consulting Services

By combining practical industry know-how with contemporary business management practices, we ensure to deliver results in improved efficiency and business performance.

 Elite Enterprise Specialists

Assisted with top notch Enterprise Specialists with a deep understanding of the software development lifecycle, leading teams and executing projects on time and on budget.

We provide a full range of business consulting services that will support your organization on its journey to a more optimized, efficient and profitable company

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Start Your Go Transform Journey Today With Our Top Pick Solutions!

 Mobile data protection

Document Security

Most businesses have both physical documents and digital documents. If they aren't properly

secured, these documents and filesput your business, your employees, and your customers

at risk of thefts or hacks!

blue tick Have unsecured documents readily accessed to anyone?

blue tick Have too many people have access to sensitive information?

blue tick Having too many documents in one file?

blue tick Your physical data are easily lost or destroyed?

blue tick Unable to track who has accessed or shared sensitive documents without authorization?

blue tick Have unsecured network?

Don't let document security issues be an afterthought. Find out how to keep your sensitive

information safe.

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Electronic Signature

As more meetings are held virtually due to social distancing and travel restrictions, the new

norm of operating the business has also affect other business process such as signing

documents manually. Signers pass physical documents back and forth throughout the office

will no longer be in the picture.

blue tick Risk of documents being tampered

blue tick Facing logistical issues when require to travel for document signing

blue tick Facing immense pressure with the bulk signing

blue tick Spending 20% - 30% of your time weekly to manage documents and sign them

blue tick Cost incurred in using papers

Going paperless with electronic signatures is the way forward. Get remote work done faster

and easier - From sales contracts and offer letters to account openings and invoices, you

can now send and sign from practically anywhere, at any time.

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