Grant file access to authorise recipients, audit activity throughout the lifecycle, and modify security policies on demand.

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Protect the most valuable assets of the company: DATA

Data is your most valuable and vulnerable business assets. In today's digital environment, sharing information has never been so easy - but once it's out, there's no way of getting it back.

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and difficult to trace with the rise of artificial intelligence technologies. Intelligent malware and ransomware are able to penetrate the corporate networks via weak points undetected and cause multimillions damage to the organization. Here are the top security myths we hear all the time!

Security Myth 1
Hackers cause most security breaches.


In fact, 43% of data loss were responsible by internal actors, half of which was intentional, and half accidental.

Security Myth 2
Encryption makes your data secure.

hacker hack ID and password

In fact, encryption is only one approach to securing data. Security also requires access control, data integrity, system availability, and auditing.

Security Myth 3
Firewalls make your data secure. 

In fact, 40% of Internet break-ins occur in spite of a firewall being in place.

Technology alone is no longer capable of offering an adequate level of protection. What is required - today more than ever before - is the interplay between people, processes and technology.


Experience FinalCode: Data Protection Without Boundaries


FinalCode is the world's first technology that can make files disappear AFTER they are sent.

FinalCode's persistent secure file transfer solution is designed to enable businesses to easily protect shared sensitive files wherever they go, within and outside their organization. Once protected, these file can be securely stored and shared, as they can only be accessed with the FinalCode Client per that file's security policy.





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            Data protection is essential for our company. Since our business relies on efficient sharing of information, we recognized the potential risk of exposure of sensitive data and shared
             files. With FinalCode, we now have confidence in our ability to better manage that risk in a cost-effective way," said Sayaka Doi, Director of Professional Services at Pasana N A, Inc.
            "FinalCode delivered on our adoption and management expectations - we found it extremely easy to use, deploy and manage. The level of file security it provides allows us to alleviate
             the real data protection concerns of our shareholders, customers and prospects."

Sayaka Doi

Director of Professional Services, Pasana N A, Inc.


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FinalCode Recognition