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Based on the Fujifilm Group Green Policy and on "Environmental Consciousness," one of the Shared Values of Fuji Xerox and its affiliates, we have established an Ecology and Safety Vision for achieving a sustainable society. As a policy aimed at actualizing that vision, moreover, we have formulated an Ecology and Safety Basic Policy and, based on it, are endeavoring to achieve world-class environmental management.

Challenge Eco No. 1 Initiatives

Under the slogan "Challenge Eco No. 1," each of us across the company will work to become "Eco No. 1." To this end, we will set KPIs and make action plans for the "mandatory items" for which we must catch up with society and other companies as well as for the "strategic items" for which we will pursue the provision of top value.

Employees who are fulfilling corporate functions at the head office will lead the companywide activities and deal with cross-functional themes, while also fulfilling the role of publicizing the activity results both inside and outside the company. 
Cross-functional themes include "fostering environmental management as part of CSR-oriented management" and "promoting new work styles and supporting the establishment of related infrastructure." We will strive to provide top value in relation to these themes beyond organizational boundaries

In the Challenge Eco No. 1 initiative, top executives will foster the companywide use of KPIs for each function, while the actual performance will largely depend on the awareness and autonomous activities of individual employees.

Fuji Xerox aims to become a noteworthy company with a good balance of strong, kind, and interesting attributes, and has long been leading society and its competitors in resource recycling and the development of energy-saving devices. Under the Challenge Eco No. 1 initiative, individual employees will take actions autonomously based on a shared understanding of the importance of contributing to the environment through the core business, and will make a concerted effort toward becoming "Eco No. 1," thereby making Fuji Xerox an excellent company for all stakeholders.

Long-Term Environmental Targets and Company-wide Environmental Business Plan

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets for Fiscal 2020

Keenly aware that society must undergo major transformations to establish a low-carbon society, Fuji Xerox has reaffirmed its responsibility as a leading company. In 2009, we established quantitative greenhouse-gas emissions reduction targets for fiscal 2020, a target year for which scenarios could be formulated, as well as pivotal issues in our efforts to achieve them.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Targets for Fiscal 2020

  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions over the entire product life cycle by 30% (vs. fiscal 2005 levels) by fiscal 202
  • Reducing customer carbon dioxide emissions by seven million tons per year by fiscal 2020

Details of these can be found in our news releases.

TV program "The Road to Copenhagen: Seal the Deal!" Reports on Fuji Xerox's Initiatives (approx. 6 min.)

Fuji Xerox's efforts to help establish a low-carbon society were introduced in COP15 meetings held in December 2009 and featured on "The Road to Copenhagen: Seal the Deal!" an environmental documentary broadcast on TV by CNBC Asia/CNBC Europe.

Company-wide Environmental Business Plan

Under its Company-wide Environmental Business Plan, Fuji Xerox is moving forward with a focus on preventing global warming, preserving natural resources, and reducing the environmental risk of chemicals. Starting from fiscal 2013, under the slogan of "Challenge Eco No. 1," we have been continuing company-wide activities to simultaneously realize the growth of our business while also making contributions toward our customers and society. We are striving to have everyone in the company share the common goal of aiming to be the leading company in making environmental contributions through our business activities themselves, such as by increasing the efficiency of our business activities and by offering solutions to our customers. We are promoting activities to achieve these goals in accordance with the commitments issued by the executive officers in each function of our business.

Environmental Management System

The CSR Committee makes decisions on environmental matters. The Environmental Committee, which is chaired by the executive officer responsible for environmental issues and which consists of the management team including the President as well as the heads of the relevant departments, devises and reviews environmental management plans, and discusses and approves other important matters.

Furthermore, separate subcommittees organized by function serve to develop, promote, and review detailed implementation plans for each area that it covers.

Environment-related Committees (Fiscal 2016)

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Domestic and International Facilities Attain ISO 14001 Certification

Fuji Xerox attained certification under the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management at sites in Japan and overseas, including affiliates and sales companies. By obtaining this certification in both production and non-production segments in Japan and overseas, we are making our everyday environmental management more efficient while helping people across the organization grasp the importance of environmental management. In fiscal 2014, we consolidated ISO certifications that had been acquired by individual units by defining a standard management system into which the systems that individual companies/departments had separately established and operated were unified.

In fiscal 2015, we worked to further standardize and improve the efficiency of our management system, took appropriate actions to conform to the ISO standards revised in 2015, and were certified based on the new standards.

In fiscal 2016, quality, and information security management systems were integrated and adopted for implementation in affiliate companies in Japan except for 1 company which is planned to be done in fiscal 2017.

Environmental Education

Our Policy on Environmental Education

Raising the environmental awareness of each individual is critical for the achievement of a sustainable society. Fuji Xerox has deployed a series of educational programs to develop employees with a high level of environmental awareness and furthermore, to support the development of a society where citizens willingly engage in activities to protect the environment.

Initiatives for Environmental Education

Fuji Xerox uses both e-learning and in-class programs as a means to enlighten its employees on basic environmental issues and practices for reducing environmental impact. We endeavor to provide our employees with plenty of opportunities to learn about environmental management, including basic environmental education programs and advanced education programs tailored to individual job types.

We also encourage employees to participate in fieldwork-type programs so that they can enhance their environmental awareness through firsthand experience. Specifically, we support projects such as Certification Workshops for Nature Guides held by the Nature Conservation Society of Japan along with various initiatives to provide environmental education to children, including the Kids' ISO 14000 program.

In fiscal 2014, we consolidated the basic environmental education materials created by individual companies to create a set of standardized materials. In fiscal 2015, these standardized materials were translated into other languages and distributed to overseas affiliates. In fiscal 2016, we updated the materials for basic environmental education while continuing our efforts to encourage all employees to participate in the programs to receive environmental education.

We will continue to improve these programs to enhance the environmental awareness of our employees so that they are empowered to work proactively on environmental conservation.

Environmental Communication

We believe that our environmental communication should not only be composed of "information disclosure," but also include active two-way communication with our stakeholders. Therefore we create opportunities to listen to the views and questions of our stakeholders to incorporate their ideas into our environmental activities. We are endeavoring to mitigate the environmental impacts of our business operations while fostering communication with our stakeholders through our website, various fairs, advertisements, social media and other means.

Eco-Products Awards/Energy Conservation Grand Prize

Wins the Minister’s Prize, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry at the 11th Eco-Products Awards

Fuji Xerox’s Versant 2100 Press color on-demand publishing system received the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Minister’s Prize in the Eco-Products category at the 11th Eco-Products Awards, which was organized by the Eco-Products Awards Steering Committee. The production printer is equipped with the newly developed compact belt roll fuser and provides productivity of 100 pages per minute. Also, its size and weight has been reduced by about 50% relative to the conventional model Note 1. The weight reduction is equivalent to the reduction of 3,738 kg-CO2per unit Note 2.

Note 1 Color 1000 Press
Note 2 CO2 emissions from the manufacture and transportation of materials and components for products, which was calculated by using the calculation unit set independently by Fuji Xerox to estimate CO2 emissions from devices based on their weight.

Winning the ECCJ Chairman’s Prize at the FY 2015 Energy Conservation Grand Prize (in the Product & Business Model Category)

Fuji Xerox won the Chairman’s Prize, the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) for two models Note 3 in the ApeosPort-V series of full-color digital multifunction devices and two models Note 4 in the DocuCentre-V series at the Fiscal Year 2015 Grand Prize for Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Conservation (in the Product & Business Model Category), which was held by the ECCJ with support from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. This marked the 13th award received by Fuji Xerox at the event and set an industry record for the number of ECCJ awards won by a single company.

Note 3 ApeosPort-IV C5575 / C4475 / C3375 / C2275
Note 4 DocuCentre-IV C5575 / C4475 / C3375 / C2275

Grand Prize for Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Conservation (held by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan with support from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

The objective of this program is to seek out, identify and commend consumer energy devices, materials and energy utilization systems that excel in terms of energy and resource conservation, thereby supporting and promoting their development toward the ultimate goal of contributing to the reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions for the creation of an energy-saving society. The commendation is given to devices, materials and energy utilization systems that excel in energy conservation and give due consideration to resource saving, innovation, product quality, environmental improvement, and safety. These devices and systems are chosen from among the devices, materials and systems (that use energy) that can be purchased by consumers and companies.

EcoPro International Exhibition on Environment and Energy (held by the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry and Nikkei Inc.)

Fuji Xerox exhibits at EcoPro, a major exhibition on the environment and energy held in Asia, regarding it as an opportunity to foster communication with various stakeholders.

Environmental Labels

Environment-friendly products are increasingly attracting attention following the enforcement of the Act on Promotion of Procurement of Eco-Friendly Goods and Services by the State and Other Entities in Japan.
Environmental labels provide consumers who care about the environment with information they can use in deciding what products to buy.

Fuji Xerox is working on environmental labeling, including Type I environmental labels (third-party certification labels), Type II environmental labels (self-declaration of companies on the environmental friendliness of their products and services) and Type III environmental labels (on which quantitative information is provided regarding the environmental impact of the product). We provide information on our products carrying environmental labels on our website and through our product catalogues, advertisements and others.

Type I environmental label: Eco Mark

 policy 3  Eco Mark is an environmental label managed by the Japan Environment Association. The mark can be attached to products that are certified by the Association as contributing to environmental protection by exhibiting low levels of environmental impact, such as reduced power consumption during use or in standby mode and end-of-life recyclability into components and materials.

Type I environmental label: International Energy Star Program

The program is managed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry based on Japan-U.S. agreements to provide energy conservation standards for OA machines. The label can be attached to products that meet the standards.

Green Procurement Standards

The Green Procurement Standards compiled here explain our basic approach to hazardous chemical substances included in or used during the manufacturing of our products and parts.

Fuji Xerox would like to contribute to the environmental conservation activities of our customers and society as a whole by further cooperating in environmental conservation with our business partners, who are important to Fuji Xerox, and by providing products and services that are safe and eco-friendly.

We appreciate your continued understanding and support.