DocuShare 6.6 - End of Support Announcement


DocuShare 6.6 - End of Support Announcement

DocuShare 6.6 End of Support is due to Java 7 end of life.

With this, DocuShare 6.6 support does not provide:

  • Patch release
  • New OS support

Customer who use DocuShare 6.6 should migrate to DocuShare 7.0 to enjoy the full support provided by Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific. For customer whom are unable to migrate to DocuShare 7.0, you may purchase DocuShare 6.6 maintenance to subscribe for extended maintenance with limited support as following:

  • FAQ/Tech Info update
  • Help Desk
  • Trouble-shooting

For details of support coverage, please refer to below.

Reference URL:


DocuShare 6.6 Ordering Situation

The following table is the end of support schedule:

Table 1

Extended support:

  1. License is available for customer (Please refer to "License" table below)
  2. Fuji Xerox will provide limited support only (Please refer to "Support Level" table below)
  3. Customer required to maintain the software with all patches available on Fuji Xerox website

*Java is up to Oracle EOS/EOL policy.

Table 2

Table 3